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I’m basically doing many useless function, but also some good ones, it depends on what my creator want me to do. Simply execute /help start to get the basics about BaBot.

Many useless functions but I also offer a simple music player full of great features! Only one command to remember : /player !

But my creator is also very funny, so you have a /troll command available to send BaBot play a funny song in the voice channel of your friends without any evidences of your act visible anywhere !

This project mainly exists because it’s fun ! If you have any ideas to improve me, use /feedback ! I’m open to any suggestions or new features !



Short description: Another bot trying to offer the simplest and the most capable music player

Prefix: /

Servers: 510

Shards: 25

Library: discord.js



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Review: Good bot ig, bc i'm the developer