Add Bot

Before submiting your bot for approval, we kindly ask you to check the information and rules below.

  • Commands should only be invoked when the bots prefix is used or the bot is mentioned. There might be exceptions to this due to the requirements of the command.
  • Bot must have a help command
  • NSFW commands should only work in NSFW marked channels
  • The bot must be online 24/7 other than for maintanence and update purposes
  • Scam bots such as nitro generator bots aren't allowed
  • Must have at least 5 commands that aren't generic commands such as help, ping, stats, etc.
  • The long description should describe what the bot does and shouldn't be filled with junk
  • Mass DM commands aren't allowed
  • Most of the commands should be functional
  • The bot shouldn't be a direct copy from Github or another platform
  • This list of rules is not a complete list but should give an idea of what we are looking for in a bot
  • The long description field supports Markdown and HTML. You can use them to customize your bots page.
  • We highly recommend writing a good long description as this will affect your bots google search traffic
  • Before submiting the bot you will be asked to join our discord server. This is to make sure that all developers are aware of changes when we make them. Keep in mind that if the main owner of the bot leaves the server the bot will also be kicked and deleted from the website.