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About Redditor

Redditor is a bot made to automatically keep you updated on the newest posts in your favorite subreddits. Capable of posting Images, Gifs, Text posts & Links from any subreddit you choose!

Every 5 minutes, Redditor browses the depths of Reddit to check if you’ve missed any new posts from Subreddits you choose. Redditor then grabs and posts those new Images/Links/Text/etc right into your discord server without effort!

How to use

  • Invite the bot into your server

  • The Redditor bot MUST have Read, Write and Embed permissions in Text Channels

  • Add a subreddit using the .subscribe command (Commands explained below)

One subreddit is linked to one text channel, you cannot add a subreddit to multiple different text channels You can however add multiple different subreddits to one text channel.

Redditor checks and posts new Reddit posts at a certain speed. You can use the .interval command to see how long it took Redditor last time. This time is generally between 4-10 minutes. Restrictions


.Subscribe .Subscribe [Subreddit name] [Text channel name] Add a subreddit to a text channel. Requires special permissions

.Unsubscribe .Unsubscribe [Subreddit name] Remove a subreddit from your server. Requires special permissions

  • .ls .list Show the list of all subreddits in your server

  • .Help .Help Contains all the info you need about the bot


I want to add r/dankmemes to my Text channel named memes-chat. I use the command .subscribe dankmemes #memes-chat

I now want to unsubscribe .unsubscribe dankmemes





Short description: Redditor is capable of automatically posting new Images,Gifs & Text straight to your discord server! Like webhooks, but better.

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