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Doughnut is an advanced multipurpose Discord bot with a lot of features like moderation, sends funny memes, posts interesting facts, fetchs loads of useful informations and posts cute animals pictures!


Doughnut has over 120+ commands and more than 8 categories!      - Activities: Youtube activities based like betrayal, chess and awkword   - Configuration: A huge amount of settings to customize with commands like setprefix   - Information: Commands like userinfo and serverinfo for general information   - Moderation: Commands such as kick, ban, and slowmode to assist your moderators   - Levelling: Tons of levelling commands like rank   - Utility: All other commands like servericon, remind, avatar   - Image: Tons of image commands like cat and dog   - Fun: Tons of fun/games commands like wordle and minesweeper


  • Multi-guild supported
  • Anti scam links
  • Mass mention alert
  • Alts detection
  • Starboard supported

Uncategorized Features

  • AFK module: Use the AFK command to provide a reason for your absence. Your friends will be alerted to the fact you are AFK whenever they ping you.
  • Nuke Channel: Completely deletes a channel and replaces it with the exact same name and permissions.
  • Activities: Did you know: Discord has loads of games that you can play with your friends in voice channels, but are only currently available to a small selection of users/servers. With this command, you can easily join in on the fun with your friends, even if you aren’t in the few that are selected!
  • Purge Messages: The traditional purge command, specify a number of messages in a certain channel and watch them disappear.


  • Don’t know how set Doughnut up properly? Use ha!tutorial to see how to setup Harper’s features correctly!
  • Use help to get more information on a command, include usage, required permissions, aliases, ect.

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Short description: A multipurpose bot to manage your server with ease!

Prefix: d!

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: discord.js



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