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what is astro dog

  • astro dog is a discord server manager that provide: Music, Moderation, Suggestions, Verification, Economy, Fun. etc
  • Latest features that Discord gives to bots

how to use astro dog

  • to see all the commands type -help


scroll down to see all the commands

Music system with the best quality

  • Supports: Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, Twitch, Apple, Bandcamp, Https (Radio) ]

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  • suggestion commands

setsuggest, suggest,

  • moderation commands

idban, ban, kick, mute, tempmute, unmute, addrole, whois, warn, warns, resetwarns, setnick, unban, voicekick, timeout, deletechannel, deleterole,

  • utility commands

-embed -setautorole

  • economy commands

bal, beg, dep, with, daily, give,

  • games

avatar, jail, slap, meme, panda, dog, snipe, calculator, 8ball, calculator, hug, whois,

  • slash commands

cat, dog, meme,

  • premium


-setup(select a only channel Music channel use -setup )

more soon

prefix - support server:



Short description: Explore the magic Universe of astro dog,astro dog is a cool bot that can offer - Music, Moderation, Suggestions,Verification,Economy,Fun

Prefix: -

Servers: 1,735

Shards: Unknown

Library: Other



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