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What Does BTMC Have?

🎵 Music 🎵

BTMC’s Music Is Crisp The Music Plays At 256KBPS At All Times, For Premium Users Music Plays At 384KBPS. Some Of Our Music Commands Include BassBoost That Lets You Boost Your Audio From Low To Medium To High, Then We Have General Music Commands That Every Bot Has Play, Skip, Pause

🤪 Fun 🤪

BTMC’s Fun Commands Are Awesome Our Fun Commands Include Stuff Like TrumpTweetThat Lets You Tweet A Message From Trumps Account. Some Other Fun Commands Include Weather That Lets You Check The Weather Near You And Ascii That Lets You Talk In Funky Letters. We Also Have Commands That You Can Have A Laugh With Your Friends Like PP That Tells You How Big Or Small Your PP Is.

🔐 Moderation 🔐

BTMC Has General Moderation Commands BTMC’s Moderation Commands Are Just Like Any Other Bot! Nothing special Here. But Our Commands Include Kick, Ban, Unban, Slowmode And Much More. One Of Our Funky Moderation Commands Is Sudo That Lets You Sudo A User Into Saying Something. (Must Have Perms To Manage Webhooks)

😀 Expressions 😀

BTMC’s Expression Commands Are Really Funky BTMC’s Expression Commands Let You Have A Fun Time And A Laugh With Your Friends! Our Expression Commands Include Cuddle That Gets A Random Cuddle Image From /R/Cuddle And Cuddles The Person U @tted With That Image We Also Have Stuff Like Feed That Gets A Random Image From /R/Feeding And Feeds You With That Image (Note:(None Of These Images Are NSFW))

🤖 Info 🤖

BTMC’s Info Commands Are Nothing Special Our Info Commands Have Simple Info About The Bot Including Stats That Shows You Every Bit Of Info About BTMC Then We Have Commands Like Bug That Lets You Report A Bug About BTMC And Things Like Vote That Shows You All The Sites To Vote On



Short description: BTMC • Music • Util • Moderation! • Fun • Expressions • 24/7

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