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Aoi, a multipurpose cute looking bot for all your servers needs. With the aesthetic look, cute bot, cute emojis, and sfw community, Aoi is the best bo

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Keep your server cute and interactive with Aoi ^-^.

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🤔 What's Aoi?

Aoi is a Discord bot made to help you enhance your Discord server by giving you many features like: utility, memes, etc.

✨ Commands

  • ❓ Info: help, ping,define, +1 more…
  • 🎢 Fun: tweet, kanye, trigger, hug, kiss, kill +5 more…
  • ⚙️ Utility: invite, invites, covid19, npm, djs, + 20 more…
  • So much more categories and commands!!

📜 Update Log


  • Fixed covid-19 command
  • Added image commands
  • Added more utility commands
  • Updated serverinfo command
  • Updated whois command
  • Added 2 new categories Anime and Animals


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