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Hi guys! I would like to present to you my new bot, first time created in aoi.js!

Xtraction - what is it?

Functional moderating bot with multiple categories such as moderation, tickets etc.

What can I do?

** > ~ you can punish bad server users ‼️ > ~ you can watch what is happening on the server (modlog system) 👀 > ~ you can entertain others (bot has many 4fun commands) 😹 > ~ you can check server status, weather and covid19 infection status ❓ > ~ you can create/close tickets 🎫 > ~ do you want make a giveaway? No problem: D 🎁 > ~ do you want to earn money on the server? Also no problem! 💸 > ~ do you want to talk with bot? There you go 📊 > ~ looking for Autoroles or Reaction Roles? Why not ➕ > (Kinda veryfication system^^) > ~ the bot also has a leveling system! 🎚️ > ~ bot has a welcome system 👋 > ~ over 200 commands to use 💯 ** Positives and negatives of bot positives:

  • good uptime,
  • a lot of commands,
  • support + -24 / 7,
  • clear commands,
  • a lot of updates (1-3 per week)


  • sometimes errors with db,

Bot is constantly updated

//note: This is my first big Discord project so please don’t hate me

Also, if something doesn’t work, please, just type !bugs (bug/error). This will help me and save everyone’s time. Thank you

Prefix: !, Type: !help for more info, Type: !bugs for report a bug/error, Type: !updates to check for updates, Verified on, And the most important, have fun & enjoy :D



Short description: Multi-functional discord bot with a lot of categories like: moderation, economy, games etc

Prefix: !

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: Other



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