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A highly advance card collection bot with combat mechanics, trading, card upgrades, real time battles, friendly challenges, loving and active community and more!

Join the ultimate jujutsu experience, collect and evolve exciting cards from the famous anime Jujutsu Kaisen & use them to battle other players!!

The bot commands are listed Below! Go over them to get a head start!

jjk help -> To get a list of all available commands!

jjk pull -> To pull a card! You can pull 6 cards every 8 hours, more if you vote for us!

jjk collection -> To see your card collection! You can filter it with rarities such as jjk collection b etc to keep things sorted!

jjk team -> To get a team creation guide! Add upto 3 characters to your team & run the command again to see them in action!

jjk fight -> To fight a random user out of all registered bot players with your team! May the best one win!

jjk inventory -> To check your inventory!

jjk cardinfo -> To obtain all info about a specific card! You don’t have to own it!

All cards come with 3 evolutions! Pulling dupe cards will give your fragments of the respective card which can be used to upgrade the existing card or trade them with others! Upgraded cards are much stronger in battles!

What are you waiting for? Invite the bot and start the journey!

Setup the bot at your own server using this tutorial guide!



Short description: Join the ultimate Jujutsu Kaisen experience on Discord! Collect, evolve, battle, trade, and dominate as you become the ultimate Jujutsu Sorcerer!

Prefix: jjk

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown




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Review: Good game great community interesting gameplay and jujutsu kaisen

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Review: W

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