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Embark on an epic Discord voyage with Luffy Sama, the ultimate all-in-one bot for your server! This versatile companion boasts a dynamic economy system, turning your server into a thriving marketplace where virtual riches await. Navigate the seas of moderation effortlessly with Luffy Sama’s powerful commands, ensuring a smooth and safe journey for your community.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there – Luffy Sama is your go-to source for laughter and entertainment. Explore a myriad of fun commands that promise unforgettable moments . On top of that, enjoy the convenience of utility commands, including proficient profanity filtering, to keep the vibes clean and your crew in high spirits. Set sail with Luffy Sama and make your Discord experience legendary – where the seas are clear, the treasures are boundless, and the adventure never ends!



Short description: Luffy Sama, your dynamic Discord companion, brings a touch of excitement and versatility to your server! Named after the spirited and adventurous Monkey D. Luffy

Prefix: @LuffySama

Servers: 270

Shards: 1




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Review: Amazing bot