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> CharacterWeaver is quite simply a next-generation discord bot capable of creating fully customizable characters with equally customizable behaviors. It lets you create an all-in-one bot, and handle your server like no other bot can. CharacterWeaver uses the new OpenAI technology also known as ChatGPT to give your characters real personalities and make them react in a very natural way. Last but not least, the bot works with webhook to deliver a truly immersive experience for your users.


1 • AI system powered by OpenAI/ChatGPT

> We are using the powerful technology of OpenAI in order to provide natural reactions to your characters

2 • Very addictive for users

> In fact, you can discuss with the characters at any time. No more boredom on your server!

3 • Based on webhook

> We are using webhooks to send messages. Thanks to this system, you will see your characters speaking just like any other normal user on your server with custom avatars.

4 • Fully customizable behavior/filter system

> You can create unlimited behaviors with unlimited filters to create a lot of special interactions with your characters that will help you to provide a deep user experience on your server.

5 • Easy to use Placeholder system

> We also created a placeholder system that can be used nearly everywhere in the bot depending of the context. This will help you customize your experience even more!


  • /help
    • Show the help menu.
  • /about
    • Show information about the bot & your server.
  • /character
    • The main command to create your characters.
  • /behavior
    • The main command to create the behaviors of your characters.
  • /placeholder
    • Very useful to see the list of placeholders you can use.
  • /import
    • Import a character template.
  • /checkvote
    • Way to get free AI Credits & supporting us.


Simple example of immersive IA Chatting

Alt Text

Simple example of IA triggered by member joining your server

Alt Text

Gifs as quick tutorial

Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text

Supports & Links

> You can get all the support needed on the Support Discord, you can also submit bugs-report and suggestions if needed!

> Support Discord > Invite Link > Documentation > Website



Short description: ⚡ CharacterWeaver is the best Discord BOT to create AI powered characters & behaviors on your servers.

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Library: JDA



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