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Anime Update Bot

What is Anime Update Bot?

Anime Update Bot is a bot that always updates information about Anime and Manga. There are interesting commands and always updated about Anime and Manga, so if you are interested, add this bot to your Discord server!

List Commands

  • /help - To see bot info
  • /topmanga - Top 10 Manga with the most votes
  • /topanime - Top 10 Anime with the most votes
  • /mangaprofiles - Check Manga Profile
  • /animeprofiles - Check Anime Profile
  • /animeschedule - Check Upcoming Anime Schedule
  • /voteanime - Vote for your favorite anime!
  • /votemanga - Vote for your favorite manga!
  • /warnmember - Warn someone using this command
  • /checkwarnmember - Check the warnings of a member
  • /removewarnmember - Remove recent warnings from a member
  • /kickmember - Kick someone using this command
  • /removekickmember - Remove a kick from a member
  • /banmember - Ban someone using this command
  • /removebanmember - Remove a ban from a member
  • /animememes - Random Anime Memes
  • /readmanga - Read all manga you want!

List Games Commands

  • /guessanime - Guess the name of the anime and earn Points!
  • /leaderboardpoints - Top 20 People with the most Points
  • /guessanimemultiplayer - Guess the name of the anime and steal points from your opponents!
  • /guesscharacter - Guess the name of the anime character and get points!
  • /trueorfalseanime - Play True or False Anime and earn points!

Bot Developers

  • whyyou | whyyou_hey
  • TheoTiwa | theotiwa



Short description: Always Update ~Anime Update Bot

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