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Partial language support: spanish, portuguese, filipino, japanese, russian, german, french, hindi, korean.

Transform dead servers into active ones with Novexa!

Novexa contains a plethora of commands to make your servers and members thrive.

Interact with Novexa!

/rank - shows your rank or a member’s rank /chat - talk to ChatGPT /meme - fetch a meme


/score - understand how well your server is doing and get suggestions on how to improve your score /youtube - get YouTube stats /twitch - get Twitch stats /stats - brief personal stats /stats server - brief server stats


/automate - autosend memes and chatgpt messages /announce - deliver youtube and twitch announcements /subreddit - deliver custom subreddit feeds /results - set daily, weekly, or monthly announcements for leaderboard results /api - create custom automations interacting with your own program

Role Management

/autorole - assign roles separately to new members, current members, new bots and current bots /role - adds a reaction role to a specific message

Support System

/feedqna - feed answers to the qna model to let Novexa answer questions automatically /listqna - show data fed to the model /qnalogs - show qna logs /removeqna - remove a qna entry by index

Get Help

/feedback - send feedback to the developer /support - links to support server

Please let us know if there’s any issues or suggestions with Novexa as we will make sure to address it quickly.



Short description: Ignite your community—Reaction Roles, Autosend Memes & Advanced Ranking. Social Media Alerts & Stats, and ChatGPT for vibrant interactions!

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