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══════┃Giveaway Manager ┃══════


Giveaway Manager, is a Discord Bot That Will Help You To Host Amazing Giveaways On Your Server!

What’s special about Giveaway Manager?

◈ ▹ Role requirements ◈ ▹ Role Giveaway Bonus ◈ ▹ Infinite Giveaways ◈ ▹ Easy and fast ways to create a giveaway ◈ ▹ Slash Commands ◈ ▹ 24/7 Uptime ◈ ▹ Allows you to create giveaways with up to 100 days duration!



Short description: Advanced Giveaway Bot • Easy and Fast Ways To Create a Giveaway • Infinite Giveaways • Role Requirements • Role Giveaway Bonus!

Prefix: g!

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: discord.js



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