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  • Buy and sell over 1000 cryptocurrencies with USD
  • Send USD to other users
  • Get real-time price data and visual price chart
  • Price_as_bot_status(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Stellar);
  • DM price alerts

And the best thing is that all this is FREE!

This bot gives users the ability to check the current price of over 1000 different cryptocurrencies. The visual chart is not very consistent so the chart may not be given for every request.


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The bot’s status cycles through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Stellar Lumen.


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Users can also buy and sell crypto coins with USD.


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This bot uses only application commands!

/price [coin]             //Get current price

/bal                      //Get your USD balance

/wallet [coin]            //Get cryptocurrency wallet balance

/buy [amount] [coin]      //Buy coins

/sell [amount] [coin]     //Sell coins

/pay [amount] [@user]     //Send USD to @user

/mine [answer]            //Answer simple math question and receive USD.

/alert [coin] [price]     //DMs if coin value is more than price

/alerts                   //Gives a list of every alert you have set

Mine command explained:

To get a new math question only type /mine without the [answer] argument it will then give you a simple math question. To answer that question type /mine [answer] and define the [answer]. If the answer was right you will receive USD reward.


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Price Alerts

You can create price alerts with command /alert [coin] [price]

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The bot sends you a private message when the coin’s value is more than the price you defined.

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Bot down?

Check the bot’s ABOUT ME section. There might be some reason for it.

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Short description: Buy and sell 1000+ crypto assets. Also shows Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Stellar Lumen.

Prefix: Application Commands Only

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: discord.js



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