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About Bot

Hi im bizzy free nude bot ! you can use me to search nude sites like onlyfans , reddit or redgifs and more …. and i can mirorr this contents to discord file like

attechmens file for you ! some of my command :


Config(set/unset) NSFW mdoe in channel: make

Information: ping, stats

NSFW contents: Neko: 4k —≻ Send random 4k image/gif content

anal —≻ Send random anal image/gif content

gonewild —≻ Send random gonewild image/gif content

hkitsune —≻ Send random hkitsune image/gif content

nekoass —≻ Send random ass image/gif content

nekoboobs —≻ Send random boobs image/gif content

neko —≻ Send random neko image/gif content

paizuri —≻ Send random paizuri image/gif content

porn —≻ Send random porn(neko) image/gif content

pussy —≻ Send random pussy(neko) image/gif content

tentacle —≻ Send random tentacle image/gif content

thigh —≻ Send random thigh image/gif content

yaoi —≻ Send random yaoi image/gif content

Nsfw: asian —≻ Send random asian image/gif content

cumshot —≻ Send random cumshot image/gif content

onlyfans —≻ Send random onlyfans image/gif content

public —≻ Send random public image/gif content

tiktok —≻ Send random tiktok image/gif content

video —≻ Send random nude video

Reddit: rass —≻ Send random content from r/ass

rbdsm —≻ Send random content from r/bdsm

rbigass —≻ Send random content from r/bigass

rblowjob —≻ Send random content from r/blowjob

rboobs —≻ Send random content from r/boobs

rcum —≻ Send random content from r/cum

rmilf —≻ Send random content from r/milf

ronlyfans —≻ Send random content from r/onlyfans

rpussy —≻ Send random content from r/pussy

rule34 —≻ Send random content from r/rule34

rthick —≻ Send random content from r/thick

rtiktok —≻ Send random content from r/tiktoknsfw

rtwerking —≻ Send random content from r/twerking

Owner: eval —≻ Evaluate code(owner)

refresh —≻ Refresh commands(owner)

Support: invite —≻ Invite Bizzy bot

support —≻ Get support server




Short description: a NSFW bot for your server by providing the best quality content with different commands and also all of which are free

Prefix: ,

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: discord.js



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