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Hello? Hello, hello? Uhh, I wanted to send a message to you… to help you get settled in on your Discord server. Have you ever gotten hungry while chatting and playing games on your server? Well our Discord McDonalds staff is here to help!

You can see the list of commands by typing ‘mchelp’. Then you can pick what you want by typing /menu. And yes, we serve vegan food. After you have chosen what you want, use /order! Your order will be sent to our professional chefs, who by the way taught Gordon Ramsay how to cook. Once your order is ready, our delivery driver will deliver it to your server! Cool right? No? Ok… If you’re not a fan of McDonald’s, it’s okay! It is only discord roleplay. Plus, you don’t see any “Wendy’s delivery bot” existing so you have no choice. So c’mon, join the unique experience!

Don’t forget to join our main restaurant and leave feedback, we appreciate it! And we do need staff so, try applying! There’s no harm in it.


Thank you for reviewing our Mc Donald’s Delivery Bot. *Pa param pam pam!*🍟



Short description: Burgers? Fries? The McDonald's delivery bot is ready to take your order! Pick from our menu, send it to our chefs, and our mcdonalds staff will deliver it right to your server!

Prefix: / or mc

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: Other



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