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Dice Roller is a bot for rolling dice easy way. Results of all dice rolls are returning in comfort format. Bot can roll multiple dice, special dice, dice with modifiers etc. You can use slash(/) commands, change commands prefix for your server or just mention bot. Most commands has UI for comfort operations. Also, Dice Roller can post DnD jokes.

If you have any questions about bot or commands usage, you find bug or unexpected behavior, you have idea and want to share it - we are welcome you on our Community Server. Link in “Socials” section.

roll - for rolling dice, modded dice and using postfixes [example: roll 3d6+d4 3d20/dh 2d20+2d4/dl:1-1]
postfix - for list available postfixes for dice modification

joke - all about roleplay jokes: get, post, rate

hello - for greetings message and get started
help - for list commands and more info about commands
about - for info about bot

SERVER COMMANDS (server admin only)
prefix - for managing prefix on your server
shortcut - for managing shortcuts on your server

Text to Roll - find valid dice in message and roll it

explode - modifying dice to become exploding dice [example: roll 2d20/exp]
penetrate - modifying dice to become penetrating dice [example: roll 3d8/pen-4]
drop lowest - drop specified number of dice with lowest number [example: roll 5d10/dl:2]
keep lowest - keep specified number of dice with lowest number [example: roll 10d4/kl:4]
drop highest - drop specified number of dice with highest number [example: roll 2d2+4d33/dh:3]
keep highest - keep specified number of dice with highest number [example: roll 5d33/kh:2]
reroll - reroll dice with result on value or lower [example: roll 6d10/rr:1]
multiplier - multiply the number of dice rolls by the value [example: roll 2d20/x:3]
minimum - set minimum value for dice roll result [example: roll 6d20/min:10]
counter - count results with value or higher [example: roll 10d8/c:7]
success - count results with value of higher as +1 (success) and 1 as -1 (fail) [example: roll 7d12/suc:10]
divisor - divides the roll result by the value and rounds down [example: roll 4d8/div:2]

Command “roll” outputs example:



Short description: Dice Roller made for dice rolling. Support multiple, modded and special dice. Perfect for any server cause allow change prefix for commands.

Prefix: ?, /, mention or custom

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown




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