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BorealisBot - is a feature-rich bot that will breathe new life into your community!

Prefix: b.

Servers: 200

Shards: 1

Votes: 0


What is capable of?

  • A flexible auditing system lets you stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening in your community.
  • Handy moderation tools make managing your community easier than ever.
  • Would like to speak in private - no problem, custom voice channels are at your service!
  • With reminders, you will never miss important events!
  • Numerous fun commands will keep your community out of boredom!
  • Increase interaction in your community with a powerful economy and a role shop!
  • Customize the bot to your liking: language, command prefix, welcome/goodbye messages, and more!
  • Use the commands from the Information category to learn more about the server and individual members in a cool and informative way.
  • Unwanted functionality can be easily disabled.
  • Bot supports English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.


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