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Botya Is A Discord Bot That Can Be Used On Any Server. Botya has a lot of unique features that you won’t find in other bots. It’s also easy to use. After you’ve added the bot and verified that it has permissions, type ^help to see a list of all commands.

Botya is always online, with really good ping, with just brief maintenance breaks of less than 5 minutes. If You Discover Any Bugs, Please Report Them To The Support Team On Our Support Server For A Very Special Role!

AVALIBLE FEATURES -Moderation: ban, unban, kick, warn, auto-invite-delete, auto-link-delete, blacklisting words, autorole, join message, join DM logs of text, voice, photos -Tickets -Reaction Roles -Economy: with gambling, robbing, healh point, crafting and buying -Games: rock paper scissors, sokoban, dice roll -Utility: live nyse stocks, currency convertion, weather



Short description: Botya is a multipurpose bot with a large number of commands. It also tracks every image sent to a server in case anyone deletes it.

Prefix: ^

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown




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