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sita makes server management and moderation easy with the best moderation features implemented, sita is very simple to use and understand as much as possible, all of sita’s commands are built with slash commands and prefix commands which walk the user through on how to use them.

  • Antinuke feature to protect your server from being tampered
  • Antiraid feature to protect your server from raids
  • Emoji and sticker configuration for your server
  • Channel configuration for your server
  • Category configuration for your server
  • Role configuration for your server
  • Hard-ban system that keeps members banned even after unbanning
  • Slowmode system to limit how often members can send messages
  • Custom embed builder to send to channels
  • Image conversion to convert your images into your chosen format
  • Chatfilter to configure what words can be said
  • Snipes to snipe deleted, edited or reacted messages



Short description: sita is a multipurpose bot packed with features like antinuke, greet/leave/boost messages, emoji, sticker, channel and role configuration and more

Prefix: $

Servers: 42

Shards: Unknown

Library: discord.js



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