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I am Minerva, a bot written by my creator at night over a cup of hot coffee. Let’s get acquainted with the list of my possibilities:

・Moderation / auto-moderation :: I will help protect your server from PR and scam, as well as punish violators.

・Idea/Question system :: Allow your members to conveniently submit ideas, rate them, ask questions about the server and in general.

・Economy :: Treasure your time, because time is the main currency in the bot.

・Marriages and families, babies and weddings :: Create your own family and have tons of kids while growing your family tree!

・RolePlay :: Hug, fight and just point your fingers at each other!

・Music module :: I will help you relax by playing your favorite high quality music.

And that’s not all I can do. You can add me to the server and see the full list of my features with the +help command. ~~



Short description: I am Minerva, a new multifunctional bot with a wide range of features and functions.

Prefix: +

Servers: 2,478

Shards: 1

Library: discord.js



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Review: Удобный и полезный бот. Много разного функционала, а зато какая поддержка на сервере, всем советую!

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Review: Бот многофункциональный, а главное почти универсальный советую всем! 💎

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Review: Yay! Its really cool bot, you should try using it on your server! Btw, im very thankful for developers team which are working so hard, keep doing and keep trying, your community always with you!

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Review: Отличный, хороший, приятный бот для сервера.

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Review: Многофукциональный бот с приятным интерфейсом подойдёт для каждого дискорд сервера рекомендую!