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🤩 Welcome to AshBot: Your Ultimate Discord Companion! 🤩

🔥 AshBot is going public with an exciting array of commands to revolutionize your server experience! From powerful Administrator tools to captivating General commands, AshBot has got you covered!

🛠️ Administrator Commands 🛠️ Banish troublemakers with the ban command, or gently nudge them away with the kick command. Maintain order in your server by effortlessly deleting messages using the purge command. Grant or revoke roles with ease, setting a duration if needed, using the role command.

🌐 General Commands 🌐 Want to explore all that AshBot has to offer? Just type commands, and a world of possibilities will unfold before you. Stay in the loop with your server’s essential info using the info command, and check your server’s responsiveness with the classic ping command. Curious about the roles available? Type roles to see them all!

⚙️ Custom Configuration ⚙️ Tailor AshBot’s behavior and permissions to perfectly fit your server’s dynamics with our customizable configurations. It’s easy, use /setup.

🔜 Stay Tuned! 🔜 As we continue to fine-tune and expand AshBot’s capabilities, you’ll be among the first to experience the latest updates by joining our Support Server. Get ready to witness the future of Discord bots!

👉 Don’t miss out on this incredible journey! Join our Support Server now and be a part of the ever-growing AshBot community. Together, let’s shape the future of Discord! 🤖💬



Short description: From powerful Administrator tools like banning and kicking to engaging General commands, AshBot enhances your server experience!

Prefix: /

Servers: 735

Shards: 1

Library: discord.js



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Review: good bot

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Review: best bot for general utilities. missing a dashboard but still fire 🔥