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Our application has 5 modules so far. These include a welcome, moderation and ticket system, serverstats, dynamic voice channel and webhooks. For the future are more modules are planned, such as reaction roles and polls. The bot is available to everyone for free and we are always open to improvements. Welcome System: Our welcome system sends an automated and self-selected message when entering and leaving the Discord server. With this you make sure that in the first minute the members already feel comfortable and welcomed.

Ticket System: Our ticket system allows you to efficiently handle community requests and concerns. Users can easily create a ticket via a category. This allows the team to manage requests in an orderly manner and quickly address individual needs. Whether they are questions, complaints, or technical issues, the ticket system makes the Communication transparent and organized.

Moderation: Our moderation module allows you to easily moderate using mute, ban commands and automod function.

Server Stats: With our server stats system you can easily see how many members, bots and boosts are on your Discord server. Dynamic Voice Channel: Our dynamic voice channel system creates another channel whenever someone joins a channel.

Webhooks: Our webhook system allows you to easily handle sending messages via webhooks.



Short description: Our application is available to everyone free of charge and is constantly being developed. Currently it has 5 modules and more are planned in the future.

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Library: discord.js



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