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Dignity is a versatile and feature-rich bot designed to enhance server communities. With its global reputation system, Dignity enables users to build and maintain their reputation. But that’s not all - we have big plans for the future! We are working on implementing a global economic system, a global leveling system, and many other exciting features. Stay up to date with updates and see how Dignity takes your server to new heights. Whether you’re a large community or a small server.



.rep - Check reputation status. tag the user whose reputation status you want to check.

.rep add - Assign reputation to a user. tag the user to whom you want to assign reputation.

.rep remove - Remove reputation from a user. tag the user from whom you want to remove reputation.

.globalleaderboard - The top 10 users with the highest global reputation. you can use: globalleaderboard / glb / gtop.

.serverleaderboard - The top 10 users with the highest global reputation. on the executed server you can use: serverleaderboard / svlb / svtop.






.rand x


.crypto (symbol)


.afk / afk (status)




Short description: Unlock global features with Dignity.

Prefix: .

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Shards: Unknown




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