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LuaBot - a gaming & fun oriented, multi-purpose bot written in Lua (as the name suggests) equipped with fun minigames, gaming commands, moderation tools and other features!

It has many different commands that fall into three categories:

  • General commands,
  • Moderation commands,
  • Actions,
  • Gaming commands,
  • 4Fun commands.

Want an example of what you can do with it? You can get some gaming-related info with gaming commands or have fun with 4FUN commands! Get a random quote, a recipe for a dish, see info about a Roblox user, enlarge emojis - you name it!



Short description: LuaBot - a gaming & fun oriented, multi-purpose bot that has everything you need!

Prefix: lua

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: Discordia



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