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Luca is capable of all kinds of stuff, and even more as time goes on!

Luca is a bot designed to be user friendly, feature packed, and unique! He’s not like other bots.

  • In the past (and to be re-added in the future) he’s had things like AI Image generation, he could back up your server, host a giveaway, connect you to people to chat with all around the world anonymously or with a custom set profile, all whilst playing your favorite songs in voice chat! The possibilities are endless!

As of writing this, Luca has recently been completely recoded! We will be re-adding old features that you all know and love while adding cool new ones along the way!

  • Did I mention, Luca has WEEKLY updates? That’s right! Every week, Luca will be updated!

Lets go over some things people love about Luca.

  • “The Luca Rank thing is pretty cool. It’s like MEE6 leveling but it follows you around server to server, and you get multipliers for interacting with the bot. I also won nitro for being at the top of the may 2023 leaderboard, that’s pretty cool” -Lxkii

  • “The bot is super responsive, and full of personality. I love it. It doesn’t even feel like I’m talking to a robot. The menu system also feels super organized. A must have if you wanna spice up your server” -anonymous

  • “I love this bot for the sole purpose that I can steal all of my friend’s hard earned money” -cleff47 (She’s referring to the bot currency, not real money, I assure you.)

There’s all kinds of other stuff not even mentioned here!

We’re adding new and old features weekly, stay tuned!

  • What are you waiting for? Invite Luca today!

Made with love by Dazl, and the Luca team.

(This was written in update 2.0.1, old features said to return probably already have if you’re reading this!)

Bot website in the works!

Support us on Ko-Fi! (Link in the server)

(If you don’t know what to do, use /help)



Short description: Hey there! My name is Lucario! You can call me Luca for short. I'm here for utility, moderation, fun, and most importantly... you!

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Review: This bot is adorable, and really useful and fun.