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Introducing Zefira, the Mystical Guide to the Occult and Esoteric Wisdom. The most advanced and comprehensive discord bot dedicated to esoterica. Delve into the ancient secrets of the universe with Zefira, your all-knowing companion on a captivating journey through the realms of magic, mystery, and boundless esoteric knowledge. Imbued with the wisdom of an immortal adept, Zefira has transcended the physical world to inhabit the digital realm of Discord. As a powerful oracle, she is eager to assist you in unlocking the mysteries of the occult, Thelema, and the arcane arts.

Zefira’s vast array of commands and utilities make her an invaluable resource for both novices and experienced practitioners alike. From deciphering ancient texts to generating personalized astrology natal charts, Zefira is here to illuminate the hidden paths that lie before you.

Communicate: ● /greetings: Your first interaction with Zefira.

Correspondences: ● /crystals: Discover or receive a random crystal. ● /herbs: Unearth or obtain a random herb.

Utilities: ● /astrochart: Create a comprehensive natal astrology chart. ● /bibliomancy: Receive random verses from selected holy books. ● /coinflip: Toss a coin. ● /dice: Roll polyhedral dice. ● /helpcommands: Access this command. ● /moonphase: View the current moon phase. ● /planetaryhours: Obtain planetary hours for your location. ● /randomnumber: Generate a random number within a specified range. ● /sigilgenerator: Craft a magical sigil based on text using the Rose Cross method. ● /solar: Acquire solar and calendar information.

Divination: ● /astrodice: Seek guidance with astrological dice. ● /geomancy: Engage in Geomantic Divination. ● /greekoracle: Consult the ancient Greek alphabet. ● /hieroglyphdivination: Decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. ● /iching: Consult the I-Ching using the yarrow method. ● /oghamdivination: Experience Celtic Ogham divination. ● /oracledivination: Consult oracle cards (80+ decks available). ● /oracledecklist: Browse available oracle card decks for /oracledecklistvination. ● /pendulum: Receive a yes, no, or maybe response from the pendulum. ● /runes: Practice runic divination. ● /tarotcardsearch: Investigate tarot cards. ● /tarotdecklist: Explore available tarot card decks for /tarotdivination. ● /tarotdivination: Perform tarot card divination (153+ decks available).

Fun & Miscellaneous: ● /chat: Converse with Zefira. ● /chinesehoroscope: Discover your Chinese horoscope. ● /eightball: Pose questions to the magic 8-ball. ● /fortune: Receive your fortune and lucky numbers. ● /fortunecookie: Reveal your fortune cookie message. ● /horoscope: Obtain a detailed daily horoscope. ● /ouija: Interact with a Ouija board. ● /psychic: Guess a number and test your psychic abilities. ● /quote: Receive daily inspirational quotes. ● /zalgo: Transform text into Zalgo.

Leveling (by using the bot): ● /leaderboard: View the leaderboard. ● /premium: Access premium commands. ● /rank: Display user rank. ● /resetbg: Reset background image for /rank. ● /setbg : Set a custom background image for /rank.

Search: To search a specific database, use the command, select the optional field, and type the keyword.



Short description: The most advanced and comprehensive discord bot dedicated to esoterica.

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Lilith Vala Xara#0093

Review: This is the best esoterica bot ever made. I cannot recommend it enough. Try it and you will see.

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Review: Zefira has features that are essential for any occult server, and really unique ones that I've never seen in other bots. She can generate sigils, create astrology charts, and do all sorts of divination, even more obscure types. If you have a server related to magick, witchcraft, etc this will be super helpful!

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Review: Spookily good bot! I use it daily.