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Question of the Day

Question of the day helps you in keeping your community active. Simply use /setup to walk through all the basic bot settings. There are no features behind a paywall or voting requirements, everything is free to use!
Support server Add the bot

Admin Commands

/setup Run the default server setup
/advanced Run the advanced server setup
/standard reset                  Reset the status of all built-in questions

Manager Commands

/custom add Add a new custom question for the server
/custom remove Remove a custom question from the server
/standard blacklist Prevents a built-in question from being asked
/standard unblacklist     Unblacklists a previously blacklisted question
/queue approve Approve a suggested custom question
/queue deny Deny a suggested custom question
/settings View the server settings
/test Post a test question
/post Force a question to be posted

User Commands

/help Get the list of available commands
/standard view View all built-in questions and their status
/custom view View all the server their custom questions
/queue view View the suggested custom questions
/queue suggest                 Suggest a new custom question for the server



Short description: Automatically post a question daily to boost community engagement! Use one of our 225 default questions or set your own.

Prefix: /

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown




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Chromαtic Rose ⟦α⟧#9669

Review: qotd bot that doesn’t require voting to do basic features. useful features like the ability to make threads for questions, see the list of questions and blacklist any of them. dev is very responsive in support server. great bot so far!

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Review: PogChamp bot

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Review: Great bot!

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Horcrux [Cry]#2506

Review: No review was provided.