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Booty is a simple-to-use moderation bot helping to prune inactive members.

Booty kicks members who do not participate in your server for x days with the actions below:

  • Did not join a voice room.
  • Never wrote a message (within x days).
  • No emoji reaction on a message.

The amount of days can be specified by you, and the people you grant access to for the slash commands (they also need to have the kick permissions). To do so Booty will keep track of your members’ activity while gathering and using as little data as possible.

In more detail he will store this information:

  • Your server ID.
  • The user - IDs of all server members, except other bots.
  • One timestamp per user.

This timestamp will be overwritten on user activity such as sending message, joining voice room and reacting with emojis.. He does not know what the message content is or what was said in any voice room.

Quickstart guide

  • Invite Booty

  • Run /diagnose - Diagnose checks if booty has all permissions it needs.

When booty can’t see a channel, maybe because it does not have the view access to it, then it can miss recording some activities.

In that case, simply include his role to the private channel and turn “View Channel” and “Send Message” permission for his role.

Note about /update_db

Use /update_db command as a backup solution. When booty is invited to a server he will automatically realise the events (activities by server members) and try to include the server in its database.

When should you use this command? Assume that some non talking lurker joined while the bot was offline for maintenance. In this situation, update_db can fix it.

How to kick (or prune) inactive users?

/kick_status + number -> simulates kicking. It showcases you how many people would be kicked with their usernames and “last seen activity”. It does not remove anyone from the member list.

/kick + number : same as kick_status but removes people from your server. “number” means the number of days users have to be inactive for the bot to kick them. If a number is not given, then 90 days are assumed.

Optional Configurations:

  1. Whitelist people

He will never try to kick or track other bots or system users. Still, you might want certain people to be ignored by Booty. Simply use: /whitelist_add + user /whitelist_check /whitelist_remove + user.

  1. Whitelist roles

To whitelist entire roles simply go to your server settings -> roles then move the role(s) in question above the booty role. Booty will not try to kick anyone whose top role is higher than his own.

Please notice

  • Booty can only kick members after he is on your server for some time. Let’s say you want to remove everyone who was not active for 60 days, this will work 60 days after he arrives at your server.

  • Booty uses intents for kicking, the use of slash commands, and has the “Server Members Intent” to update his database. He was intensively tested by other devs as well as normal users on several test servers. Should you find any bug feel free to join his support discord and let us know.

  • Drawings were ordered from the artist “alifia”. You may not use them without her written (and paid for!) permission. You can find her on fiverr. She’ll most likely be happy to work with you, if you need any cartoonish avatar.

  • Lastly, the bot is hosted on a reliable server, so he can handle all the requests easily and is available 24/7.

Developer Information

  • Booty was mainly developed by Benjamin Terweiden.

  • The bot was, among built-in modules, built with pycord 2.5.0rc5 and aiosqlite.

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Short description: Booty - Prune inactive members with 1 command! Kick users who do not participate for "x" days.

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