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➔ Nekosuna - By users, for users.

Set up your server with style :sunglasses:

Nekosuna is a brand new versatile bot with numerous features: 🔑 ・BOT FEATURES :

Moderation・Economy・Fun・Anti-Raid・Giveaway・Bump・Ticket・Welcome/Goodbye・Anime, and much more!


We have over 360 different commands, all the commands you need to manage your server.

Build the best Discord community through moderation, automations, social alerts, and more! Need help? Join our support server.

One click, one emoji, and Nekosuna reacts intelligently. Use all commands with reactions, down to the smallest details. Everything is simplified, accessible, intuitive. So react!

Nekosuna also has a perfect music feature with a comprehensive dashboard with buttons! Its rich music functionality supports high-quality music compatible with Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, mp3, and much more!

But who will dare to stand against you with Nekosuna by your side? (Personally, I would say no one :smirk:) Warnings, mute, kick, or ban, all these tools individually or grouped in a single punishment command will be your best weapon against the villains! But is that all? Well, no! Nekosuna has an extraordinary anti-raid system.

Are you a fan of eSports/competition? Or strategy games like FPS, MOBA, RPG, or BR, etc.? Then Nekosuna is made for you! Share and compare your statistics from multiple games with Nekosuna and its GameProfile V1 feature!

Contribute to the evolution of Nekosuna; your suggestions ensure a certain future for Nekosuna. Join the many people who have contributed to making this project possible!

As a thank you, enjoy some advantageous features and be highlighted on our platforms!

Copyright :copyright: 2017 - 2024 All rights reserved.



Short description: An adaptable and user-friendly Discord bot designed for servers, providing a range of features including Pronoun Select, Starboarding, Ticketing, Logging, and more.

Prefix: /

Servers: 0

Shards: Unknown

Library: discord.js



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