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The Golden Bot Discord bot is currently in Alpha (still under heavy development) many of the features haven’t been released beyond the testing server yet but are almost ready. A full infractions system is ready to roll out very soon once I get a dynamic menu for viewing a member’s infractions done. It will release with a warn, mute/timeout, ban, kick, infraction list, and an infraction update command as well. More information about the bot can be found in the Documentation that I have spent a long time making so please read through it. Also, you can feel free to join he support server linked below for anything else as I’m always happy to help :)

Links: Bot Invite YouTube Tutorial’s Support Server Documentation

Currently there is NO premium features but if you’d like to make a donation to help keep the bot up and running please reach out through the support server, you can contact me (the dev) through DMs via joining the support server.

There is also NO vote rewards for now as I am still making features…



Short description: Great moderation, utility, and server management bot that is 100% free! Still in Alpha/Beta so please be patient while I make more features public

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Library: discord.js



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