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The team that made Mewbot great, has rebranded and diverged. If you had used Mewbot before July 18th 2022, your data will still be accessible in DittoBOT as it was.

DittoBOT is sure to blow any pokemon fan away-as we have a full featured and nearly bug free 6v6 party duel system, custom unique to DittoBOT radiant pokemon, skins, as well as shadow pokemon (all pokes and all forms have a shadow) made by our in house art team

Catch/trade/buy/sell/battle/collect/and more with DittoBOT, new content added daily with an extremely active development team, staff team, and art team!



Short description: The most in depth and fully featured Pokemon themed discord bot. 6v6 PvP dueling, Nearly ALL abilities/moves/secondary's/statuses working.

Prefix: /

Servers: 9

Shards: 1




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ツ🌸crαzч pσkєkíηg!💘ツ#6222

Review: I am ngl, this is one of the most insane pokemon bots that i've ever seen. It is coming up with a ton of new updates and is being user-friendly at all the possible situation. They have one of the best staff support with really skillful ones. Nothing is perfect in this entire world but I won't wonder if DittoBOT would become the most perfect pokemon bot 😂

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Review: If there was a option for it, I would rate 69 stars

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Review: No review was provided.